Lasik Surgery

Get a Clearer Vision with Lasik Surgery in Ogden Utah

Taking good care of our eyes can be done with the help of Opthalmology specialists you can trust.
At Clayson Williams Eye Center, our Lasik Surgery procedure has given many Utah residents clearer vision.
We use the latest technology to ensure that you get the best care possible. The most advanced procedures are now available for Ogden residents and those living in the surrounding communities.
Our eye surgeons have completed top levels of training, and they are ready to answer all of your questions.
Before surgery, our patients go through comprehensive eye examinations to ensure accuracy.
Every eye condition is unique. We propose the best solution for each patient. Surgery is recommended only if we are sure that you will get the best results from it.

What is Lasik?

Lasik is a medical procedure that can improve vision by using a laser. The laser helps reshape the cornea to deal with vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Many patients have their vision restored up to 20/20.

Qualifications for
Lasik Surgery

While Lasik is one of our top procedures, not everyone is a qualified candidate.
There are specific criteria that involve corneal thickness, refractive errors, and pupil size that needs to be considered before you qualify.
You need to meet the following age and health requirements to qualify for Lasik surgery:

How Lasik Works?

  • Lasik surgery involves the use of a precise femtosecond laser, which creates a flap from the top layer of your cornea.
  • The flap is folded back gently, and then an Excimer laser uses cool UV light to sculpt the mid cornea beneath a protective layer of tissue.
  • The procedure is complete once your eye surgeon repositions the flap.
  • Eye cells heal quickly compared to any part of the body. Visual recovery happens in 24 hours with minimal discomfort.
  • The procedure can take 10 minutes or less per eye, so you can expect to stay at least for an hour at the eye center.
  • You will be awake during the surgery, but your surgeon will apply a topical anesthetic to limit discomfort.
  • You can take over the counter pain medications after the surgery if you wish.
  • No need to worry about keeping your eye open during the procedure. We use a device that acts as a lid holder that gently keeps your eyelids open the whole time.
  • Our eye surgeons will position you correctly before performing the surgery.

Is it Safe?

Like with any surgical procedures, there are risks involved that our trained surgeons will discuss with you in detail.
Lasik is a popular procedure that has the highest patient satisfaction rates, which stands at 96%.
At the Clayson Williams Eye Center, a large percentage of our Lasik surgery patients have 20/20 vision or better after the procedure.
Join the list of satisfied patients who now have better vision than before with Lasik surgery.


Clayson Williams eye center offers a complete line of professional eye care services, as well as They do vision exams and write eye glass prescriptions.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Routine eye exams are a vital part of your overall health.

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