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There are more than 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. The disease is a growing epidemic that can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional, and financial well-being.
If you are among those who have the disease, you are probably aware that you are at risk for eye disease.
Vision loss is often the consequence for those who do not have the proper diabetic eye care.
People with diabetes need extra care to protect their vision.
The good news is most diabetic eye problems can be treated before it leads to blindness.
At Clayson Williams Eye Center, we have built an excellent reputation for providing exceptional eye care for our diabetic patients.
We use the latest technology to ensure that you get the best eye care possible. The most advanced procedures are now available for diabetic eye care in Ogden and those living in the surrounding communities.


Diabetes can affect many parts of our body, and the eyes are one of them. Left unchecked, the disease can cause severe damage to blood vessels and tissues in our retina.
Our retina is the part of the eye that receives light and sends nerve impulses to the brain through our optic nerve.
People compare it to an image formed on film with an analog camera. If the film is damaged, images produced will be blurry.
If you have diabetes or have an increased risk of developing the disease, you should start looking for a reliable eye care specialist that can help with diabetic eye care.
Our team at Clayson Williams have completed high levels of training so that they can help protect your vision.
We are here to diagnose, manage, and treat eye problems linked to diabetes.
We will study your eye history and discuss your unique eye care needs. We can provide diabetic counseling, where we discuss healthy habits like eating the right food and exercise.

Regular Eye Exams is Key to Diabetic Eye Care

We highly recommend that diabetic patients receive regular eye examinations as part of diabetic eye care. Since diabetic patients are at an increased risk for macular disease, retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye disease, and blurred vision. Without proper diabetic eye care, these conditions can lead to vision loss.


In America, the most common condition that leads to blindness is diabetic retinopathy. In the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, you may not feel any symptoms. There is no pain and vision impairment until the disease becomes severe. This is why regular eye exams are vital for early detection and treatment. There are three types of eye care for diabetic patients depending on the current condition of the patient. If you are at risk of developing the disease, you should get comprehensive eye exams once a year. For those with moderate diabetes eye exams should be done twice a year to protect your vision.


To avoid potential blindness, advanced diabetes patients should visit Clayson Williams Eye Center for exams every three months. Every eye condition is unique. We propose the best solution for your specific needs.


Clayson Williams eye center offers a complete line of professional eye care services, as well as They do vision exams and write eye glass prescriptions.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Routine eye exams are a vital part of your overall health.

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